Sunday, February 26, 2012

A Graphic Novel, A Few Picture Books & A Whole Lot of Fun

Love being indie. Awesome seeing Ruin Mist back at #1 recently, and the new graphic novel is out ( A few new picture books since my last update too: Pirates Stole My Booty (, Mamma Sea Turtle Lost Her Babies (, and How Many Fish ( 

Buster and friends had a terrific holiday. Dag got a surprise from Santa too, even though he didn’t ask for anything. Dag and Buster had fun recently on vacation together…

After vacation, Buster, up to his usual hijinks, got himself into trouble when he didn't clean his room.

Meanwhile, Dag's Mom learned he was playing video games he wasn't supposed to. Oh no, is that Gears of War, Dag? 

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Thanks for reading. Until next time.