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700,000 RMC Readers, oh yeah! A Movie script, New Distributors and more so Buster and I celebrated with cookies!

May’s Millionth RMC Reader Event was HUGE fun. The event brought about 50,000 new readers to the Kingdoms, catapulting worldwide Ruin Mist readership to around 700,000. Movie news though is what created the real buzz and suddenly there were over 8,000 people talking about the books on Facebook which was really cool and fun to see, especially after all these years of hard work. For a while there were over 35,000 likes on my Facebook page and then my twitter followers soared over 50,000, so yeah it was FUN! Then in June my publisher added 3 new distribution partners, bringing the total global print and media partnerships to 24. New partners means my books will be available in more places around the world.
I decided to celebrate. Mmm... Cookies for everyone!

Buster liked the cookies, but he likes honey more.

While I was working on the script for "A Daughter of Kings" my wife bought me the perfect mug, so now I drink tea a gallon at a time...

And just for fun, an 11th most read…