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Ruin Mist Turning 15 Soon: 15th Anniversary Ahead.

The 15th anniversary of Ruin Mist is fast approaching. It was on August 7, 2001, that the first installment of Keeper Martin’s Tale as a serialized novel was released in e-book format through Ingram Digital, with the full-length novel arriving in print on January 9, 2002. For 26 consecutive weeks after release, Keeper Martin’s Tale was a Top 50 SciFi & Fantasy at Amazon. Keeper Martin’s Tale was followed by Elf Queen’s Quest, Kingdom Alliance, Fields of Honor, and Mark of the Dragon.

In February 2002, illustrated children’s editions of the books were released as The Kingdoms  & the Elves of the Reaches. With The Kingdoms  & the Elves of the Reaches #1, #2, #3 and #4 quickly becoming children’s / YA top sellers. When The Kingdoms  & the Elves of the Reaches books were released on in 2005, the first book became  a #1 Fiction bestseller. After 14 weeks a top the fiction list, it became one of Audible’s all-time top grossing audiobooks to that date with The Ki…