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Amazon Still Has a Review Problem. A Solution That Could Actually Resolve It.

A visit to Amazon will take you to lots of products with oodles of reviews and the problem is that it's extremely likely most of these reviews are bogus. What percentage? Estimates vary widely, but my research says about 60% or so. Simply mentioning this fact, as I have for many years, makes me a target for those who make their living at this—whether they are merchants selling products or those who make a living by writing product reviews.
Sure, there are sites that purport to help you determine whether a product’s reviews are legit. Generally, these sites use automation and a series of algorithmic rules to try to spot fake reviews. Try is the operative word because such rules wrongly identify real reviews as fake quite frequently. Why? Because if you can write an automation rule to identify a fake review, the cheats have already worked around it and changed their tactics. What’s left then are real customers who get flagged for no reason. Just ask anyone who’s had their account rem…