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Holiday Fun with Bugville, Ruin Mist & Magic Lands

Great year to be indie! Rise of the Fallen ( and Into the Stone Land (, my latest novels, continue to be popular, especially at libraries. Twelve Dresses, One Star ( is a new Bugville picture book.

Buster and friends are having a great holiday, and already are thinking about the big celebrations. Dag even started a letter to Santa...

 While Buster was experiencing a little Holiday Hijinks of his own...

A few fans thought, this was the ultimate screensaver, though some didn't understand the subtle message hidden in the subtext. I'm sure you do though, right?

Thanks for reading. Until next time.

Dragon Wars, TGIF and Other Fun Stuff for the Holidays!

Happy Holidays! Haven't updated my blog lately, but I do post regularly to my Facebook page (!/Robert.Stanek.Author.) The Dragon Wars -- Ruin Mist: Dawn of the Ages is what I've been working on (in part).

(from the cover of the upcoming book)
If you haven't been visiting my page on Facebook, you've missed out on Critter funnies and a lot more. One of the favorites: TGIF Buster. 

Lots of funnies for Halloween too.  Another favorite: Trick Or Treat Screensaver for Windows (
Download the installer file (.exe) and then double-click to install the screensaver. If you don't want to use the self-installing executable file, download the screensaver file ( instead and then double-click this file to use as a screensaver. The screensaver is customizable.

Also created Explore the Solar System Screensaver for Windows (http://www.bugvi…

Ruin Mist Update, New Bugville Books in Print, E, and Audio!

Getting closer to 2 important milestones: the 10th anniversary of Ruin Mist's first publication and the 500,000th Ruin Mist book. Beyond that, it's been a busy time the past few months preparing and launching Bugville Jr and Bugville Learning Adventures. The fifteen original books are now releasing and becoming available just about everywhere. As of today, I also just finished reviewing the related audio books. I adapted each original picture book specifically for audio, ensuring each was a standalone production that worked well in the audio format.
Adaptation was necessary as the original books rely heavily on a visual theme. With a book like Buster's Undersea Counting Expedition 1 to 20, which uses the theme of arriving undersea life to encourage counting, this meant reworking the text to help readers better imagine a journey under the sea based on audio cues and to encourage young listeners to participate interactively in the adventure as they listen.

Beyond Book 100, Ruin Mist, and More!

Originally posted 11:58 AM UTC, May 3, 2010. Moved to Feb 11, 2011
Dear Reader, As most readers know, my 100th book was published in 2009, and it marked an important milestone in my writing career. If you asked me in 2002 after Keeper Martin's Tale was on the Amazon SciFi Top 50 bestseller list for 26 consecutive weeks or in 2005 after Kingdoms and the Elves of the Reaches dominated Audible's Top 10 Fiction list for most of the year whether I'd still be writing after 100 books, I might not have said yes. But today, I cannot imagine doing anything else. I've been writing stories most of my life, had my first book published in 1995, and writing is my life. It's what I do as both a job and as a hobby. Most people know I also write nonfiction as William Stanek. The William Stanek books are my job, and I love writing them. The Robert Stanek books are my hobby and I love writing them too. It's a strange marriage of two passions. Although writing t…