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Ruin Mist Update, New Bugville Books in Print, E, and Audio!

Getting closer to 2 important milestones: the 10th anniversary of Ruin Mist's first publication and the 500,000th Ruin Mist book. Beyond that, it's been a busy time the past few months preparing and launching Bugville Jr and Bugville Learning Adventures. The fifteen original books are now releasing and becoming available just about everywhere. As of today, I also just finished reviewing the related audio books. I adapted each original picture book specifically for audio, ensuring each was a standalone production that worked well in the audio format.

Adaptation was necessary as the original books rely heavily on a visual theme. With a book like Buster's Undersea Counting Expedition 1 to 20, which uses the theme of arriving undersea life to encourage counting, this meant reworking the text to help readers better imagine a journey under the sea based on audio cues and to encourage young listeners to participate interactively in the adventure as they listen.

Bugville Jr and Bugville Learning Adventures audio books will be available separately and in special collections of multiple titles. Here's a look at all the books:

Also, take a look at the NEW I've re-designed and added new stuff. Enjoy!

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