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Celebrating 35 years, 150 books and nearly 7.5 million readers. It's been a long run and a mostly great one. Join me and learn what it's like to be a writer.

Happy Holidays! You know you're in the right place in life when you wake up every day with a smile on your face. You know you're in the right place as a writer when that smile is because you're eager to get to the keyboard, eager to get the thoughts racing through your mind down on paper.
That eagerness to capture thoughts on paper has carried me through many days, many years, and many books. As a writer, that eagerness has made the blank page a friend rather than a foe. That blank page can be your friend too--if you let it. And if you let it, you can fill it with everything that's inside you, everything that you can wonder about, everything that you can dream about, and everything that you can imagine.

On my blogs, I've written about and featured the books of many authors who weren't afraid of that blank page either--or maybe they were but they figured out how to turn that fear into something magical, if only for a time. That magical thing being a filled page,…

When Hollywood Comes Knocking for the 6th Time, You Know You're Doing Something Right

You know you're doing something right when Hollywood comes knocking for the 6th time, especially when the person on the other end of the line is gushing praise about books they've just finished reading. Those books being Ruin Mist Chronicles (Keeper Martin's Tale, Kingdom Alliance, Fields of Honor, Mark of the Dragon) which are also in YA editions as (The Kingdoms & The Elves of the Reaches 1 - 4 and In the Service of Dragons 1 - 4).

Way back in 2002, the first two times Hollywood came knocking, I was too awestruck to enjoy the moment. All I could think was DreamWorks is considering my books for the movies--and then before that could sink in Fox was there considering my books too. I was dancing on top of the world, especially with the same books doing so well on Amazon's bestseller lists.

Dancing on clouds was fun but it wasn't until Hollywood came knocking a third time that I knew I'd really done something right. That third time, it was VMP who came kno…

A Quick Update, Summer of Indie, Facebook… Halloween Ahead…

A quick update about print books… Last time Australia and New Zealand, this time Germany and Brazil as RP just signed another distribution deal which will bring my fiction books in print to select bookstores in those countries. So that’s fantastic news as we head into the holidays! This past summer I featured nearly 100 indies in Summer of Indie. Whether you’re an author or a reader, I hope you’ll stop by the Go Indie - Read Indies blog and see what Summer of Indie was all about.

If you're an indie author, you've probably seen me hanging out on Facebook over the past year. If you’re a reader, you’ve probably seen me hanging out on Facebook too. Why? I wanted to see if social media was worth all the fuss. Was it really the future of communication? Could you really connect with anyone in a meaningful way? Does it matter? The short answers: Yes, it could be. Yes, it’s possible. Yes, it matters. The long answers: forthcoming.…

New Books, New Translations, Vacation Tales and 50000 at Facebook

First, book news. Two new books for Sep and one for Dec. Translations for German, French, Spanish and Italian. Likely also Portuguese, Russian, Turkish and Chinese with overseas editions for India and Indonesia done in English with publication in India.

Second, Facebook. Recently, my followers rocketed to over 50,000. It's made sharing about my books, characters and creations a lot more fun, especially when you see 6000 or 7000 people have viewed something you posted. Hearing from a lot more readers in messages has been fun too.
Lately, I've been sharing pictures from my travel adventures, featuring everything from wild days in Hawaii to waterfalls. When I'm out on a trek whether in Yellowstone or the Columbia River Gorge or the South Pacific, my camera’s always with me and I enjoy sharing the pictures. Join me over on Facebook check them out as Blogspot won't let me post high-res pics. Buster had a great time celebrating t…

700,000 RMC Readers, oh yeah! A Movie script, New Distributors and more so Buster and I celebrated with cookies!

May’s Millionth RMC Reader Event was HUGE fun. The event brought about 50,000 new readers to the Kingdoms, catapulting worldwide Ruin Mist readership to around 700,000. Movie news though is what created the real buzz and suddenly there were over 8,000 people talking about the books on Facebook which was really cool and fun to see, especially after all these years of hard work. For a while there were over 35,000 likes on my Facebook page and then my twitter followers soared over 50,000, so yeah it was FUN! Then in June my publisher added 3 new distribution partners, bringing the total global print and media partnerships to 24. New partners means my books will be available in more places around the world.
I decided to celebrate. Mmm... Cookies for everyone!

Buster liked the cookies, but he likes honey more.

While I was working on the script for "A Daughter of Kings" my wife bought me the perfect mug, so now I drink tea a gallon at a time...

And just for fun, an 11th most read…

So Long Dragon Fest, this month Millionth RMC Reader!

Last month Dragon Fest, this month Millionth RMC Reader on my author page Another day, another dragon.

Super Moon, May 5-6, was a big hit. Buster was so excited. He explored the Solar System (

And that was just the first of his BIG dreams...

It wasn't all dreams and fun though. Dag's had trouble sleeping ever since he heard the first of his BIG adventures will be released next year.

Dag's little sister, on the other hand, had no trouble sleeping...

And that's because: Life's a Beach.

Thanks for reading. Hope you'll join me on Facebook for Millionth RMC Reader fun.
Until next time,
Robert Stanek

Singing Just for Fun, Dragons, Easter & Cake

It's been a busy few weeks. Was thrilled to discover that so many libraries have picked up my Bugville Learning & Bugville Critters books recently. Made me so happy I decided to share cake with readers over on my Facebook page (

Mmm... Cake. Although I kicked off April with cake. The main attraction has been Dragon Fest.

I posted my pic of a golden dragon...

...dueling dragons...

 ...a dragon lair...

 and even a pair of bronze dragons.

The Easter holiday was in between Dragon Fest fun, and it wouldn't have been a holiday without the Bugville Critters.

Lass loves Easter.

Thanks for stopping by. Until Next Time,

Robert Stanek

Kindle Fire, Meeting Brian Jacques, My Distinguished Flying Cross, St Patrick's Day & More

Quickly find Kindle Fire editions of my picture books: Mark your calendar: On April 24, Brian Jacques' last book, The Rogue Crew, is coming out in paperback. My family and I met Brian during what I believe was his last U.S. tour. He talked with us and signed books for my son who was a huge Redwall fan. After meeting Brian, I wrote a tribute to him and his books ( I have an upcoming feature article about Brian.

A friend just sent me a high-res picture of the distinguished flying cross, which I was awarded in the Persian Gulf War. Came out very nicely, and I've posted it on my Facebook wall (

Love St Patrick's Day? St Patrick's Day Screensaver for Windows. Download the installer file ( and then double-click to install the screensaver. If you don't want to use the s...elf-installing executable fil…

A Graphic Novel, A Few Picture Books & A Whole Lot of Fun

Love being indie. Awesome seeing Ruin Mist back at #1 recently, and the new graphic novel is out ( A few new picture books since my last update too: Pirates Stole My Booty (, Mamma Sea Turtle Lost Her Babies (, and How Many Fish ( 
Buster and friends had a terrific holiday. Dag got a surprise from Santa too, even though he didn’t ask for anything. Dag and Buster had fun recently on vacation together…

After vacation, Buster, up to his usual hijinks, got himself into trouble when he didn't clean his room.

Meanwhile, Dag's Mom learned he was playing video games he wasn't supposed to. Oh no, is that Gears of War, Dag? 

Love Valentine's Day? You're not alone. A few thousands readers downloaded my Happy Valentine's Day Screensaver for Windows. The customizable screensaver has 3D hearts, a flower clock, and more. Wallpaper and backgrounds are posted too for iPhone & other smart p…