Sunday, October 21, 2012

A Quick Update, Summer of Indie, Facebook… Halloween Ahead…

A quick update about print books… Last time Australia and New Zealand, this time Germany and Brazil as RP just signed another distribution deal which will bring my fiction books in print to select bookstores in those countries. So that’s fantastic news as we head into the holidays!
This past summer I featured nearly 100 indies in Summer of Indie. Whether you’re an author or a reader, I hope you’ll stop by the Go Indie - Read Indies blog and see what Summer of Indie was all about.

If you're an indie author, you've probably seen me hanging out on Facebook over the past year. If you’re a reader, you’ve probably seen me hanging out on Facebook too. Why? I wanted to see if social media was worth all the fuss. Was it really the future of communication? Could you really connect with anyone in a meaningful way? Does it matter? The short answers: Yes, it could be. Yes, it’s possible. Yes, it matters. The long answers: forthcoming.
Halloween Ahead… Have a Spooktacular Halloween!


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 Robert Stanek

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