Thursday, February 14, 2013

My 150th book just published, Ruin Mist readership rockets past 1 million, and Bugville Critters bound for the small screen. Read on...

When I began writing stories so many years ago, I had no idea that I'd be celebrating my 150th book today or that 7.5 million people would have read those books. This long road has included a dozen awards for outstanding writing and excellence from peers, recognition from reader groups and other organizations like the Freedom Foundation at Valley Forge, features on my books and work in Parenting Magazine, Children's Writer, The Children's Bookshelf, Writer's Digest, The New York Times, Publisher's Weekly, and other fine publications and periodicals.

All those years ago I never dreamed that my books would be so successful and yet they are thanks to readers who have shared their love of my books throughout the more than 50 countries where my books are available, and in dozens of languages. Hope you'll celebrate with me by visiting the new 'Meet Robert Stanek' website @  where you can learn about my writing or the new 'Imagined Lands' website @ where you can learn about some of the fantastical worlds I've created over the years. 

In other news, it's official: Ruin Mist readership has rocketed past 1,000,000 for the core 'Kingdoms and the Elves,' 'In the Service of Dragons' and 'Ruin Mist Chronicles' books. Readership of the core books has been growing steadily over the years but truly took flight in the past 12 - 18 months, especially with the release of the 10th anniversary editions of 'Kingdoms and the Elves' and 'Keeper Martin's Tale'. For a blast to the ancient past of Ruin Mist, don't miss the new 'Dragons of the Hundred Worlds' novellas.

Bugville Critters is getting some updates too! RP is in the process of releasing fifty--yes 50--2nd Editions of the Bugville Critters books, everything from 'Visit Dad and Mom' to 'Undersea Counting Expedition'. It was a lot of fun to visit the stories again as I worked through the proofs. These high definition (HD) editions release first to libraries and schools throughout North America and then to Apple iBooks. Once these are released, I will be working to bring the first four episodes of the Bugville Critters to the small screen.

Thanks for reading! Find my books on Barnes & Noble at Explore the Solar System ( Visit Magic Lands ( Meet the Elves of the Reaches ( Dance with Dragons (

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