Monday, August 12, 2019

Amazon Fraud Again: Amazon Employees Caught Creating Fake Ebay Seller Accounts

In 2018, at least 50 Amazon employees were caught red handed creating fake accounts on Ebay and accused of multiple federal crimes, including criminal conspiracy, fraud and racketeering. Over a period of years, the Amazon employees had created hundreds—if not thousands—of fake seller accounts to lure sellers away from Ebay’s marketplace. The Amazon employees were caught after a months’ long investigation and sting operation designed to catch Amazon in the act of setting up the fake accounts with the intention of luring sellers to Amazon’s marketplace—and away from Ebay.

Over the many years Amazon employees operated as fake sellers on Ebay, they redirected thousands of sellers to Amazon, redirecting tens—if not hundreds—of millions of dollars in sales to Amazon. You might imagine when this extensive level of corporate malfeasance is uncovered there’d be explosive media coverage and damaging headlines. Yet you’ll be hard-pressed to find coverage of these happenings anywhere. (

Amazon successfully buried the bad press, ensured what little press coverage there was appeared deep in the news, and leveraged its power and influence to push the crimes out of federal courts and into resolution via arbitration, thereby ensuring the federal crimes of its employees were swept under the rug. Amazon gets away with decades of corporate malfeasance, federal crimes, abusive practices and more by publicly claiming to be a marketplace disruptor. Meanwhile, behind the scenes, the company has tight controls throughout the United States over police forces and news rooms, and works over time to manage public perception, to spin reality, and perform damage control whenever it is caught in the act. Amazon does this all while laughing at the FTC, DOJ and other federal agencies investigating the company for antitrust and numerous other issues.

Sound Orwellian, like something out of the novel 1984? Not at all, through its Ring division Amazon has deep connections with police forces across the country—countless of which are indebted to the company for helping them solve crimes. Amazon in fact requires police forces to shill it’s surveillance cameras using secret agreements and private kickback arrangements in the guise of donations.

Amazon has control over news rooms through its CEO’s purchase of The Washington Post. Control over the DC-based Post, not only provides Amazon with access to news rooms and reporters around the world, it also provides Amazon with access to and influence over federal agencies and the White House. Look any day at the press list for the White House and you’ll see how this is managed. When Bezos/Amazon want a story gone or buried, it’s a done deal. Case in point this story of widespread corporate malfeasance and federal crimes which was white-washed from existence. Crimes that should have included criminal conspiracy, fraud and racketeering--just for starters.

Amazon’s deep relations with federal, state and local government ensures many of the company’s other federal crimes, misdeeds and abuses have never seen the light of day. How deeply is Amazon embedded into the United States government? So much so that you’ll find dedicated recruitment pages for federal, government, and state agencies (including and, the Department of Defense (, U.S. Intelligence (, Justice Department (, and on and on. Amazon’s own words are telling: With over 2,000 government agencies using Amazon Web Services (AWS), we understand the requirements U.S. Government agencies… AWS provides cloud capability across all classification levels Unclassified, Sensitive, Secret, and Top Secret.

Amazon is so embedded into our government that it is impossible to perform any fair or just oversight of the company. All those government agencies working with Amazon are handled with close (dare I say, cozy) relationships between many employees of Amazon and many employees of the government agencies. Those cozy relationships exist at all levels from the executive down. With such close ties to the DOD, DOJ, US Intelligence and hundreds of other agencies, is it any wonder Amazon can do whatever it wants, whenever it wants. Not to mention the fact that not only does one of the most corrupt corporations in the world have ties into every branch of state, local and federal government throughout the United States, that same corrupt corporation holds the most sensitive data and secrets of the United States on its servers and by holding that data, ensures it will never have a judgement day.

Control the police, control the media, control the federal government. What’s next for future President Bezos? Oh wait, with those controls Bezos doesn’t need to be president to run the country, does he. He just needs to remember which puppet strings to pull when. Is there any question now why the Amazon monopoly continues unchecked?

Thanks for reading, I’m William Robert Stanek, Microsoft’s #1 author for nearly 20 years, and author of over 250 topselling books.

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